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Mon Sep 28, 2015 5:09 pm by Admin

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How to mod Prison Architech on Igg-games

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How to mod Prison Architech on Igg-games

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 28, 2015 5:09 pm

This game is a bit tricky to mod since its cracked and requires more going deep inside game files! you should be fine if you follow this tutorial

Step 1: Find your mod, etc Steam or other websites,

Step 2: Download the mod, If you found the mod on steam then you need to use a steam downloader here: http://steamworkshopdownloader... (Hint: If you play gmod crack you can use this website to download mods from steam, Just saying)
To use Steam workshop downloader just copy the link of the mod on steam and post the link in the downloader and it will get the file and allow you to download it

Step 3: Don't extract yet
Step 4: Launch the game
Step 5: Press ESC on your keyboard to launch the main menu (When the game is done loading!)
Step 6: Click the menu option, Open Save folder
Step 7: Close the game and keep the folder it opened up
Step 8: Click the folder named Mod
Step 9: Make a folder inside the mod folder with the mod name (This Is a Required step or else it won't work) (Also the mod name does not need to be the same as the mod you downloading just name the folder something so you know the mod)
Step 10: Open the folder that you created
Step 11: Open your Downloaded mod Folder (Some are zip folders or others are rar)
Step 12: You will (Hopefully see) 2 folders inside YOUR downloaded Mod folder
these folders, files should be
data and manifest
Step 13: If you see the data folder and manifest text file, Drag that into the mod folder on the game, The one we made on step 9
Step 14: Once done with that go ahead and open the game
Step 15: Go to the menu with the key Esc (Could be different if you changed settings)
Step 16: Click Menu option Extras, Then click Mods, You should see your mods, Go ahead and activate them! and done! (Some mods might not work at first, Sometimes restarting the game works)
Step 17: Repeat steps if you want more mods!
Hopefully I was able to help people that want mods for this game. Its a tad harder since its a cracked game

SOME NOTES: steam workshop downloader CANNOT Download maps, Only mods

Don't ask me why but sorry but maps can't be downloaded in steam workshop
Only mods

if you have any questions please let me know!

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